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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 11, 2009 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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eight years later. remembering the deadliest terrorist attack on u.s. soil. 9/11. missing. a yale graduate student disappears days before her wedding. and reality show scam. "big brother" it isn't. nine women held captive are rescued from a fake turkish nine women held captive are rescued from a fake turkish reality show. captioning funded by cbs good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm hish she will gielan. today marks the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. will will be ceremonies remembering the nearly 3,000
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vehicle tims at ground zero, the pentagon and pennsylvania. and the first time, this day has been declared a national day of service. wlit john john is in washington with more about that. >> reporter: it's been nearly a decade since the september 11th attacks and people across the country are taking this day to remember the lives lost and the heros. two bright beams lit up the new york city skyline on the eve of the eighth anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. the tribute lights were being testeded ahead of today's memorial events. this morning vice president biden will attend a somber ceremony at ground zero. more than 100 w who worked at the world trade center after the towers collapsed will read the names of the victims. even though the attack happened nearly a decade ago forks first responders like former firefighter, it still feels like yesterday. >> the expression your life flashings before you, it does. >> reporter: he saw up close the
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absolute devastation at ground zero where more than 2700 people died. today construction is still being done to complete a lasting tribute to the victims, a memorial museum. >> it's not a pit, it's not ground zero. now it's a sign of rebuilding. and it's a sign of real hope. >> reporter: this year for the first time, the country's national day of mourning will also be a national day of service. president obama is encouraging americans to take part in volunteer work in honor of the lives lost on 9/11. later today, he'll meet with family members of victims who died at the pentagon. near shakesville, pennsylvania, colin powell will deliver the key note speech at a tribute for united airlines flight 93. earlier in week, those victims within also honest or order capitol hill with a plaque. >> for those of us who work here at the capitol, this might have been the target. we think it was. we will remain eternally greatful for the here rows of this flight. >> reporter: and greatful
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americans plan to show their appreciation with volunteer events across the country today coming together in spite of one of the worst tragedies to hit u.s. soil. and federal officials are also warning police agencies across the country to be extra vigilant about a possible terrorist attack, although they've given no indication of a specific threat. michelle? had. >> whitt johnson? washington. thanks. there's word the 9/11 attackers will be part of the ground zero 9/11 museum. the museum is expected to open in 2013. part of the controversial display will include quinn quotations from the hijackers along with their pictures. the quotes come from so-called mar tore dm videos the terrorists made before the attacks. the fbi has joined the search for a yale graduate search who vanished just days before her we haddy. annie lee was last seen tuesday morning at the lab where she works. there's no evidence she actually left the building. her percent, cell phone and credit cards were found in her office. the university says so far
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there's no evidence of foul play. her family and friends describe her as popular and happy. >> energetic, always smiling. they loved her in the lab. great future ahead of herself. we're just praying that she's just going to pop up somewhere and everything's okay. we're not going it look at the worst here. >> lee's sunday wedding has not been canceleded. her fiance is assisting police. some good news in the battle against the h1n1 virus. researchers now say one dose of the new swine flu vaccine is enough to protect adults. scientists originally thought it would take two shots of the vaccine to protect against the virus, but u.s. and australian data shows one shot protects most people and the vaccine takes effect within eight to ten days. the vaccine is expected to be ready nest month. some house democrats are calling about for disciplinary action against joe wilson. wilson, a south carolina republican, pl guised to the president for calling mr. obama a liar during his health care
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address to congress. the president accepted the apology, but house democratic leader jim clyburn says he waptss a formal reprimand if wilson doesn't apologize for the house by tuesday. pakistan says this morning it's arrested some top taliban leaders. the arrests were made in the swat valley, taliban strong hold in the northwest pack is an, where pakistan's army has waged a four month offensive. military officials say more than 2,000 insurgents have been killed during the operation. taken into cuss dir were the taliban spokesman in the region and four other leaders. so the cbs "moneywatch," most stocks in asia road morning and karen brown is here in new york with more. karen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. in asia, better than expected news about china's economy pushed most markets higher. but as the value of the dollar continues drop, so does japan's nikkei, which was down another 70. wall street is on on a roll, though. up for the fifth straight day yesterday. the dow gained 80, closing above 9600. the nasdaq was up 24.
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traders are watching closely for today's key consumer sentiment report. consumer spending drives more than 70% of the u.s. economy. and until folks start spending, the recovery had had likely remain slow. treasury secretary timothy geithner says confidence and stability are replacing the fear and panic that gripped the markets last year. geithner told a congressional panel that the government will now end some of the emergency financial programs launched during the financial crisis. now, the treasury secretary says 23 banks have repaid the government in full. it looks like the cash for on clunkers reimbursements are finally accelerating for dealers. $1.22 billion worth have now been approved and the government hopes to have it all paid out by the month.f the month. gm says it has 1 million miles to prove its fuel efficient cars work. 5,000 people have been test driving its fuel-celled engines which only kree mitt water vapor for the last two years. one big problem thsh's expensive to produce. and speaking of expensive,
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thousand about a football game? the average price of an nfl ticket is up 4% to $75. for a family of four to enjoy a day at a game, a cool $413. that's thank it is to the dallas cowboys new stadium which raised their average price of a ticket to $160. michelle? >> i think the tell tale tine will be how full those stadiums really are. >> reporter: absolutely. >> karen, thanks. and just ahead on the morning you knews, details of the disturbing reality show scam in turkey. plus, a desert demo. nasa tests a new moon rocket. ou a cash back bonus on every single purchase. what you do with it is up to you.
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"discovery" astronauts are hoping for a break on earth. it was due return yesterday, but stormy skies it at the kennedy space center forced a 24 hour delay. while the shuttle waits to come down, a japanese cargo craft is on its way up. the up manned vehicle launched yesterday is carrying five tons of scientific equipment to the space station. and a possible future for nasa space flight roared to life yesterday in the utah desert. it was the first test of the giant aries rocket which could carry astronauts into orbit and eventually back to the moon after the shuttle is retired. milwaukee police have chargeded a suspected serial killer with five counts of murder and there could be more to come. police say dna evidence linked 49-year-old walter ellis to the murders of at least nine women between 1986 and 2007. the same evidence cleared a man who served 13 years in prison for the murder of one of ellis' alleged victims.
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in florida, dna evidence has freed a man who spent 26 years behind bars for a rape and murder he apparently did not commit. 41-year-old an thon any caravello you because reese leased yesterday. he's been in prison since he was 15 years old, but he insists he's not bitter. >> i'm happy to be out. i'm happy to be out. >> do you feel bitter at all some. >> bit sner no, not at all. not at all. >> just looking forward? >> that's all. >> the county public defender spent the last eight years working for caravella's rehe's. and in yet another story involving biological testing, a report that a world champion runner has both male and female sex organs. 18-year-old caster semenya won the 800 meter women's competition at the recent world championship. the sanctioning body for the international track meets is refusing to confirm an australian newspaper report that
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gender tests show she has internal male organs. in turkey, a surreal case involving a fake reality show. nine women say they thought they were contestants a reality tv show, but instead they were being filmed naked, their images sold on porn sites. police say they were held against their will and last night they were freed. mark stone of britain's sky news reports. >> reporter: emerging one by one, the nine young women were finally reunited with their families, the end of this bizarre ordeal. seen here before their rescue, they repliesed to an advertise it. a genuine call for contestants on a "big brother" type tv show. and at first it was, they were taken here to a villa believing they were contestants on a show called somebody's watching you, they settled into life in the house. they were filmed 24 hours a day, but their suspicions grew when the program failed to follow the familiar format. versions of "big brother" have been exploited all over the
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world. all follow a familiar style with evisions of house mates and daily tasks, and yet here there were no evictions, no task, and no update from big brr. he was in, if a, this man now under arrest, alleged to have sold images of them naked over the internet. police only discovered the scam after the girls' anxious parents realized their daughterses were not getting screen order any television program. the authorities believe a number of men are responsible and are investigating whether video images may also have been distributed. mark stone, sky news. straight ahead, your friday morning weather. and in sports, the super bowl champion steelers kick off the nfl season with an overtime finish against t ♪ wellbeing. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nuture it in your cat...
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and itchy nose and sneezing. (announcer) side effects were generally mild and included headache. viral infection, sore throat, nosebleeds and coughing. ask your doctor about symptom relief with nasonex. and save up to $15 off your refills. go to for details, terms and conditions. here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. new york, rain, 66. miami, thunder, 87. chicago, 79. denver, cloudy, 75. los angeles, 76. time if a check on the national forecast. the latt satelicte pretu shows that skies are gray over the deep south and northern plains. the west and midwest are mainly clear. later today, scattered thunderstorms will be popping up across the northern plains. the northwest and southwest remain hot and dry and much of the northeast will see heavy rain and gusty winds. in sports, the nfl's 90th season is officially under way
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and the super bowl champion steelers are back to their winning ways. after a blast of fireworks over pittsburgh, ben roethlisberger led his team into a back and forth battle against the tennessee titans. in the fourth quarter, roethlisberger connected on a 30-yard passion to hines ward, but the ball was stripped leaving the game tied 10-10. in overtime, roethlisberger moved the ball to the 15 yard line and a field goal ended it 13-10 steelers. at the u.s. open, serena and venus williams beat a russian pair to make the women's doubles final for the first time in ten years. if they win it, it would be their 10th career grand slam doubles title. in baseball, the colorado rockies beat cincinnati for their seventh straight win. a garrett atkins homer highlighted colorado's five run third inning. the final rockies 5, reds 1, leaving colorado just two games behind the dodgers in the nl west. and in the american league,
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angels right hander john lackey threw a five-hit complete game and torii hunter contributed a two run homer as l.a. blanked seattle 3-037. when we return, another look at this morning's top stories and sorting out the rhetoric, a closer look at health insurance company profits. achoo! (announcer) what are you going to miss when you have an allergy attack? achoo! (announcer) benadryl is more effective than claritin at relieving your worst symptoms. and works when you need it most. benadryl. you can't pause life.
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. strong storms will be developing across the northern plains. much of the west remains hot and dry. the northeast and deep south will have showers and thunderstorms. here's another look at this morning's top stories. it's the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. there will be memorial services remembering the victims of the attackses at ground zero, the
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pentagon and pennsylvania, and this has been declared a national day of service. and president obama pushes health care reform in a speech in minnesota tomorrow. a key vote in the senate finance committee is scheduled for next week. security and exchange commission officials are promising change in the wake of the bernard madoff ponzi scantal. the sec failed for years to detect madoff's multibillion-dollar rip-off and the inspector general wants an employee by employee review. in a tape of a phone call made in 2005, madoff is heard coaching someone who is about to be interviewed by the scht ec. madoff says, quote, you don't have to be too brilliant to fool federal investigators. more than 46 million americans do not have health care insurance. in the debate over health care reform, insurance companies are often portrayed as the villains, but are they? anthony mason. >> reporter:s. >> reporter: in the heated debate over health care reform -- >> we will hold the insurance companies accountable. -- the insurance companies have
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been matt villains. >> will is no business in america that makes me money than the insurance industry. >> reporter: the reality? that's simple in the not true. the health insurance companieso 2008, but other medical industries made far more. the top five drug company, for example, made $35 billion. in fact, overall, health insurance ranks as only the 86th most profitable industry in the country earning mts more than three cents profit on every dollar. >> the insurance companies are not the major drivers of cost inflation. >> reporter: but they have been fairly targeted for denying coverage. >> more and more americans worry that if you move, lose your job, or change your job, you'll lose your health insurance, too. >> reporter: the insurers are aggressively fighting a so-called public option because they're afraid government competition will put them out of
4:52 am
business. but karen agnoni says the dy oed its own remedy that would insure everyone. >> no one would be discriminated depends for pre-existing condition. everyone would get health care. >> reporter: i urers would guarantee coverage for the poorest and the sickest provided everyone especially the young and healthy is required to take out coverage. >> if you provide incentives for people not to participate, or wait only until the house is on fire before they purchase insurance, then what you're doing is increasing the costs substantially for people who are in the system. >> reporter: spreading the costs like that could save as much as $1,000 a year per family. >> because the premiums paid by the healthier people are used to pay for the care incurred by the sicker people. >> reporter: but it's a solution that only works if everyone pays. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. this morning on "the early show," we'll speak with alan wilson, the son of south carolina congressman joe wilson.
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roane, here is some stories we are following for you. today marks the 11th anniversary of the tour attack. they will read the names of the victims near ground zero. president obama is meeting with family members of those who died at the pentagon and colin powell wit speak at the service honoring flight 93 victims, this is the first day it will be observed as a national day of service with volunteer projects planned across the country. this weekend president obama will work to keep the spotlight on healthcare reform in min society where he will try to rally support for his plan. thursday he said he accepted the apology of a republican congressman who shouted out during his speech. doctors are treating a metro worker hit by a train and injured late yesterday morning in alexandria. metro says the 44-year-old man was working separately from the rest of the maintenance crew and hit by a yellow line train
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headed to the huntington station. it is still under investigation. say good morning to howard bernstein rain is falling on most of us. >> moving west of town from the bay to the west. want to start off with the weather. ok loat that circulation just about to come on shore, a tornado watch kekea tropical system was issued until until n but heavy bands of tucrr rieang endar racreaturing da baltimorem and coming across the some of this isbatitarong ta towards us. t ou stquote and down 95 we are in good shape. for the rest of the day i expect the heaviest rains today in the morning, tapering off by this afternoon with highs around 70 and a breezy day to say the least. angie. >> hello, everybody. tgif. right now we do have those wet
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roads out there but no incidents or accidents to report. 95 you are clear. on the inner loop drivers moving at speed clearly here from 95 to 66 and i 270 no delays from 109 to 121 out to the split. >> it is back to school time for some students that means reading boring textbooks but for a number of high schoolers they could be reading texts written by their peers. >> the students were excited about writing. >> reporter: when he puts pen to paper he no longer considers it a chore. he realizes he has something to teach. >> there was a whole binder filled with copies of my story they were passing out and i could see people right in front of me looking through it and saying this was cool. >> reporter: he is taking about his experience for one world education the non-profit that
4:59 am
began with one teacher, one idea, one classroom. >> i said why don't i empower you to write what it is you care about, whether it be local issues, your ethnic origins or other countries you have traveled to. >> reporter: so they did. now they are among the dozens published on one world website. >> we have a tag line for the organization it is like my space meets national geographic. >> too often we forget that students have a voice. >> reporter: she teaches at wilson high school, one of nine volunteer teachers who use the curriculum to supplement their course material. >> you are seeing students, young people engaged not only in like the learning process but also being engaged their own lives, recognizing that you know what they do is important. >> this program is so important to founder eric goldstein he gave up teaching it. was one year without salary because i believed in the potential


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